PROBLEM: Using fixed safes at beaches, resorts, hotels and swimming pools is really inconvenient. These days we use more and more precious personal gadgets like smartphones, car-keys, sunglasses, credit cards, these are not safe at all left alone under our towel (psychological safe). And thieves are well aware of this fact. SOLUTION: The Beachegg. Product and Service together. An innovative, rentable high tech mobile safe. It guards personal belongings from thieves by giving extended oversight (M2M) and control through physical protection, alarm protection and GPS tracking.

BeeRides Car Sharing


Our mission is to help people to travel more for less in a comfortable way by reinventing how people rent cars and park at airports. We help people generate income by renting out their unused vehicles at airports to incoming travelers, thus helping to solve the problem of cars being underutilized globally.

We provide free parking at airports and rent out these vehicles at competitive prices to incoming tourists with a full Allianz insurance coverage and professional roadside assistance. Those looking for car rental services are offered unique cars and can pick up and drop off car keys using our automated express key collection system powered by our smart locker solution.



EduBase is a general purpose, device and platform independent online educational platform with a unique testing and examination system. It can be used to teach and test any knowledge. Whether it's videos, live broadcasts or other resources such as documents, presentations, and other files EduBase is there for you. Even the standard format, SCORM is supported for corporate customers.



Enduraid is a mobile application, which helps you to draw up the most optimal race nutrition protocol tailored to the challenges of your current race and training.

Athletes use energy while exercising, and at the same time they also lose a large amount of water and electrolytes via sweating. Enduraid can accurately count on these losses.

The application takes your personal capabilities, objectives, climatic conditions and - the most important - physiological principles regarding refreshment and energy intake into account.



Espressite is a personality-based, AI-powered website generator that can create a website in a coffee break or even on the go.

By only answering simple this or that questions, even using just your voice, our designer AI can generate a website for you that will reflect the values of your business.

InCenter’s PSYCRAFT app


InCenter is a decentralized organization of service providers whose common goal is to highlight the importance of self-development and mental health and support such activities.

We believe in HAPPY people.

We know that happiness comes from a balanced combination of mental&physical well-being and social acceptance.

We engage in education, training organization and counselling services. Currently we're working on a platform to make all these activites fun in a gamified framework.

HIMO – health in motion


We are developing a tool that makes physiotherapy fun for children. More precisely children with flat foot. A ring is put on the foot of the child that detects the muscle activity. Based on the measured signals, a software identifies the exercise and connects it to a video game. So that the child controls the game with the exercises: the car (or a unicorn) moves forward when she is standing on tiptoe.

Innobay Hungary Kft.


Innobay is an independent Integrated Innovation Service Company. The main mission of our company is innovation consultations services: create new inventions for companies and governmental institutes, manage innovation projects from TRL1 to TRL9 and contract management of economy- and business development.



The kid’s standpoint is that the learning process can be more interesting, more engaging and more interactive with the modern technologies. 720.000 student study now in Hungary, and 86% of them have a smart device, but it’s potential are not used by the educational institutions. Eddie offers a digital and modern solution for education. With AR technology it redounds experience-based learning process.

Innonic Group Zrt.


Innonic is the first Startup Studio in Debrecen and we build intarnational success stories.

Our mission is to reinvent ecommerce and build world-class companies.

Innonic operates in a Startup Studio model, building multiple startups simultaneously. That means a core team of experienced professionals support the startups in the first phases. Our first Hungarian success story is the ShopRenter.hu. Our 1# internationally successful brand is the OptiMonk. Our latest startups: CodesrRank, Conversific.

Start it @K&H startup incubator


Start it @K&H is the leading corporate startup incubator program in Hungary with 22 incubated startups – backed by K&H Bank – that supports early-stage startups in their development. Its goal is to support, strengthen and boost the Hungarian entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Start it @K&H is a ’no share, no equity’ program without industrial focus, offering its services for the participants for free:

  • office infrastructure available 24 hours a day in the heart of Budapest;
  • dedicated experts and mentors who are experienced in the corporate world or in the startup ecosystem;
  • detailed, tailor-made training program, entrepreneurial workshops and public meetups;
  • networking opportunities provided by K&H and its mother bank, KBC Group.

During the last 12 months, our incubated startups won as much as 10 local and international awards in the last 12 months such as the European Innovator of the Year. The teams managed to get more than 500 million HUF of market investment.

Start it @K&H announces its application period every 6 months, and the selected teams can stay in the program for 6 to 18 months.



Our aim is to create a location based augmented reality visitors guide, which puts you in the big picture. Our AR  playground will enable our users to be part of the adventure: discovering the nearby location according to their needs with the help of enhanced POI appearances like: AR  animations, AR  games where the users learn about the history of the area they are visiting and also challenge their friends, comparing the actual and the historic view by year while also sharing their experience with the community.



Maform is a revolutionary industrial design agency that turns seemingly impossible product ideas into real life working products. Maform is a specialised studio that offers advanced and accessible design solutions to tech companies.



We design inclusive playground equipment where the disabled can get off from the wheelchair, they can play together with their non-disabled peers on the same equupment. We offer our products for disabled kids younger than 8 and for healthy babies who haven't learn to sit up yet.

Mindtech Apps


Mindtech has been incorporated in 2015 by Tamas Kralik, founder-CEO. During it’s three years of operation Mindtech has received more than 10 awards for its innovative solutions on the field of e-healthcare and smart mobility. The company has also started its software development contracting division, and became one of the leaders in the Hungarian app and web development industry. Last year Mindtech Apps was awarded the Startup of the Month title by the Hungarian Ministry of National Economy.



PARKL is a digital platform which integrates parking and e-mobility services in a single system and optimizes the utilization of these capacities.


ParkUpKeep its an Adventure Park inspection, maintenance and reporting toolkit.

We design ParkUpKeep to help and speed up the maintenance and operations, reduce the human errors and make the Adventure Parks safer.

ParkUpKeep has 3 main modules, Harness, Course and the reporting module and also the admin dashboard where the management team can have an overview of the parks current situation.

Each harness has his own barcode and base on this code the application can identify them, it can count the usage and base on the usage can send them automatically to the service for periodical maintenance (each harness has to be sent to the service after 30 days or 30 usage)

The application can handle all the components of the harness and can notify the service if one component is deprecated (each components are deprecated in 5 or 10 years)

With the Android application the instructors can scan easily the harness before handing over to the guests and if they find any issue with the harness they can quickly send it to the service by creating photos and submitting a simple form.

We are creating the digital map of each course with trees, bridges between the trees, belay system and all components of the bridges and belay systems.

With the Android application the inspectors can easily go to the courses and they can inspect the courses and report the problems with images. If there are not internet connection on the site then the application can work in offline mode and later will synchronize the data.

The course service is also working in a similar way, the application showing the exact location of the problem and after its fixed they can report the changes.

The application supports three type of reports:

Daily reports - which are containing general information of the daily events.

Complaints reports - which are submitted when a guest complains

Incident reports - which are submitted when some incident happens on the park

ParkUpKeep is really customizable.

We design the application to have a lot of settings so we can customize it for every company.

For example if one company wants to do the belay system inspections in 4 weeks not 6 week then with a simple settings change it can be done. Or if one user can’t have access to the belt list then in the roles or access rights it can be changed easily.

In the admin dashboard the management team can see an overview of the parks. They can see statistics, how many parts were changed in one park, how many complaints or incident reports were submitted but also it can calculate how many parts will be needed for the next period - predictive maintenance.


Phonic Chat


Phonic Chat is a multidimensional social music making App and platform. Music had been a social experience at the beginning of human history. In modern society the crowd’s relation to music is rather passive. Phonic Chat considers music as an experience. We use words like involvement, interactivity, sharing, multidimensionality.

Phonic Chat lets everyone be part of the music production: musicians, producers and fans.

Photon Technologies Kft.


Photon is an online platform where clients can find all the relevant information to book the best fitting photographer, pay the order and get pictures. It streamlines the booking process, thus saves time and provides exposure for photographers as well.

Pozi Technologies


Pozi Technologies cutting edge RTLS platform automatically identifies, localizes and tracks-and-traces the position and movement of all production-related objects (parts, containers, inventory, vehicles, etc.) throughout their supply chain lifetime, in real time. We use this data to identify inefficiencies, eliminate losses and optimize client processes with proprietary algorithms.

Puli Space Technologies Kft


Team Puli, a former GLXP contender, aims to become a widely recognized participant in the fast growing private deep space industry. We explore new directions of lunar exploration and space ressources' exploitation, which will significantly contribute the economy over the coming decades. We keep always an eye on down-to-Earth applications.

We are currently preparing our final Moon payload. Estimated launch time, riding on Astrobotic's Peregrine lander is 2021 H1.



Rendi is the biggest online platform for on-demand home cleaning services in Hungary. On the Rendi website, customers can book a vetted and affordable cleaner in a few clicks. The goal of Rendi is to become the leader on-demand cleaning service for the CEE region.




Route4U is building the world’s first sidewalk navigation app. Our goal is to remove uncertainty from the lives of millions by providing information they could never find before. The Route4U app is used in two ways: Our users search accessible places and navigate personalised, accessible routes with it, and our volunteers assess places’ and routes’ accessibility by using the “survey” and “report obstacle” functions. With the help of the community, we turn this data into accessibility maps and smart city analysis.

Our paying customers are cities, corporations and property management companies who care about accessibility and want to lead the push - by showing example - for a more inclusive and happier world



As the first enterprise chatbot provider of the CEE region our aim is to provide a communication tool for brands, companies and communities that they can chat with their clients in a personally, completely intuitive and automated way. We use the latest technology, creative marketing methods and the existing knowledge of companies and brands. We are chatbot experts. We’re up to date regarding all news and trends. But chatbot development is not the only a part of our services. We aim to become a global thought leader in terms of marketing and business value of chatbots. Chatbots are not for chatting, they are your hard-working, money-making tools for better efficiency and greater user experience. We developed a universal framework natively supporting more the 50 languages and all popular chat platforms. Our unique bots are built from over 30 integrable function modules and leverage the chatbot-marketing know-how built from tens of millions of conversations. All chatbots we’ve ever made are different, because they are tailored to the needs of each client. This is also a marketing and content management service besides the software development.



The TMRW® Hotels smartphone application is a game-changer digital hotel guest system, that takes guests on a digital experience while allowing hotels / hostels / apartments to operate in a more efficient, automated, less-administrative, green and cost-reduced way.Our main aim is not just to find a balance between providing an outstanding guest experience but focusing on the hotel operations too.



Younicorn.io is an international startup social media site for startups, investors and for everyone who is interested in this world (programmers, service providers, press, bloggers...). This platform and all its functions help these actors to make new connections, and facilitates the management of their contacts. At the same time we want to promote students to achieve their goals and to ease them the lumpy road to the international market!

This is not an

umpteenth startup database, Younicorn.io is an interactive community site.

Besides the community site, the second important part is the project collecting

section. Each startup can upload a project and users can search for all the uploaded projects and they can filter them by keywords. Investors can set different criteria and receive notifications of new uploaded projects on the basis of their interests. This feature saves time and energy for investors or for users interested in browsing among startup projects. Our concept is to collect all the new and ongoing projects in the world.

The next pillar of the site is the world of conferences and meetups in a 3D

environment. Any of the users can announce a meetup and anyone can participate virtually, this way people can save time and go beyond boundaries. We collect and save videos in a database, and users will be able to watch any of these videos later on. Video series can serve like educational materials too.

X-Flow Systems – Automatic Beer Dispenser


We will produce automatic beer dispenser systems and sell them. It is simple and works fast, without waste. The system is well designed with a mechanism, which is bringing up and down the glasses, and symbolises the traditional tapping way. After you fill in 1-4 empty glasses and you push a button, all of the glasses will go up until the beertap reaches the base of them. The tapping process will start automatically. When all of the glasses will be full, the sensor stops the filling process and the glasses will go down. This will take just 8 sec. We will sell it mostly to beer factories and sport halls. This market is working so, that the brewery buys the drafting equipments and let them use the bars and festival, if they buy their beer. So we will concentrate mostly on the breweries. We will put their brand logos on the machine and say them, here is the opportunity to buy the future before we go to the next brewery and they will buy it and grow faster because of our innovation.


Cooperating partners:

Agrármarketing Centrum

The Agricultural Marketing Center is the largest food marketing organization in Hungary, it is committed to make the best products of the Hungarian land popular all over the world.

Antall József Tudásközpont


think.BDPST strategic innovation conference presents the region's most important developments and the direction of technological innovations to the public, making it one of the most important meeting point for experts, investors and startups in the Central and Eastern European region.

Budapesti Értéktőzsde Zrt.


The overarching aim of the five-year strategy devised by the Budapest Stock Exchange (BSE) for the period 2016-2020 is to formulate and implement a comprehensive stock exchange development programme in Hungary, which will result in capital fundraising increasing its role in Hungarian corporate finance, making it an effective supplement to credit from the banking sector, which predominates at present. The objective of BSE is to become the most important platform for competitive and successful enterprises in Hungary.

BGE Budapest LAB Vállalkozásfejlesztési Központ


The goals set by Budapest LAB are to boost initiatives to establish business and to develop entrepreneurial attitudes; to support and foster Hungarian SMSs by creating and equipping them with a necessary knowledge base; and – in the long run – to become a well-known research, development, training and knowledge centre of entrepreneurship development in the Central European region.

Budapesti Vállalkozásfejlesztési Közalapítvány


Budapest Enterprise Agency is the only organization founded by the Budapest City Council back in 1993 for the development and promotion of the micro, small and medium enterprises of the Hungarian capital. Our mission is to contribute to the development and expansion of viable, new and existing entrepreneurs based on the market needs, thus contributing to the creation and preservation of workplaces in Budapest and to the facilitation of the economic growth of the Capital.

Budapesti Vállalkozásfejlesztési Közalapítvány – Mikrohitel


By its non-profit microfinancial services the Agency enhances the access to finance of micro enterprises – especially for those which stand outside of the interest of commercial banks due to their size, to the low sum of the credit or to other causes. Budapest Enterprise Agency not only grants microcredits in the national, metropolitan and divisional microfinancing programs but helps the micro entrepreneurs with business plan and credit standing development consultancy and mentoring.

Climate-KIC Hungary


Climate-KIC is the EU’s largest public private partnership addressing climate change through innovation to build a zero carbon economy.

Our approach starts with improving the way people live in cities. Our focus on industry creates the products required for a better living environment, and we look to optimise land use to produce the food people need.

PANNONPro Innovations is our delivery partner for all entrepreneurship activities in Hungary including the Accelerator, Greenhouse and ClimateLaucnhpad programes.


Early Metrics

Early Metrics is the leading Rating Agency for Investors and Corporates when it comes to Startups and helps decision makers to make more efficient decisions. We assess the growth potential of Startups over 2 years while the Rating of the Startups is free of charge for them.

ELTE RKK Innovációs Központ

The ELTE Center for Innovation manages the University’s tasks for organization of research. It supports the preparing of the development of research strategies. It attends ELTE’s tasks relating to innovation, cooperation with businesses and technology transfer is responsible for facilitating the exploitation of the research results produced by the University by acting as a bridge between the University and industry.

ESIL – Early Stage Investors Launchpad

ESIL - Early Stage Investors Launchpad - aims to improve angel investment market, to stimulate cross border investment opportunities, to find new deals, to connect the most relevant networks and to build a tailored programme for angel investing local ecosystems.

Who is it for?

  • business angels
  • early stage investors
  • crowdfunding platforms
  • incubators and accelerators
  • entrepreneurs

The ESIL offer in a nutshell high quality training materials, a powerful online matchmaking platform, access to best practices and knowledge coming from the most effective business angels communities.

FŐKERT Nonprofit Zrt.


The Budapest Horticultural Private Limited Company has been serving Budapest as a gardening company of the capital since the founding at 1867. The BudapestGreen app is a Hungarian-English smartphone application designed to showcase the parks, facades, botanical features of Budapest, as well as areas, playgrounds and fountains managed by FŐKERT.


H13 Diák- és Vállalkozásfejlesztési Központ


H13's goal is to help young and fellow entrepreneurs with out Business Incubation Program. We aim to develop the local ecosystem, help foster the entrepreneurial activity of the district, use its resources to enable companies and services to be built.

The facility serves as a meeting point for university students. To enable this H13 organizes various programs, startup events, networking and entrepreneurial meetups.

IBM Magyarországi Kft.


The below cooperation areas are offered to Startups by the Budapest based IBM Innovation Center:

  • Technology consulting
  • Business consulting
  • Trainings
  • Usage of IBM technologies

Ifjúsági Vállalkozásélénkítő Egyesület

Spin-Off Club – the meeting point of enterprise lover youth!

The club’s aim since it’s establishment in 2008, is to promote entrepreneurial knowledge and mindset amongst the youth of Budapest in line with raise the affinity of starting their own business.

The club is enjoy broad support, the two biggest patron/fosterer are the Small Business Development Centre of Corvinus University and Újbuda Municipality. The legal frame is given by the Youth Entreprise-thriven Association.

Impact Hub Budapest


Impact Hub Budapest is part of a globally linked community that allows cooperating businesses. Impact Hubs' fantasy brings together people from all professions, backgrounds, and cultures, and engage in entrepreneurial ideas for the world. These are the people who see and do things differently and have entrepreneurial passion to create a sustainable impact.

Mazovia Cluster ICT

Mazovia Cluster ICT has got more than 250 commited participants – 5 Research Institutions, 6 Universities and plenty of other entities including SME`s, NGO's, investment funds and large companies.  Moreover, Mazovia Cluster ICT cooperate with Warsaw City Council, Co-Generation Commerce and Industry, The Office of the Marshal of Mazovia, Polish Chamber of Commerce of Electronic and Telecommunication. In 2015, Mazovia Cluster ICT obtained a status of Key National Cluster (there are only 7 KNC in Poland). In 2016, Mazovia Cluster ICT also obtained Silver Label of Cluster Excellence, certified by European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis (ESCA). The mission of the Mazovia cluster ICT is to bridge the gap between the action and conditions for SME's development in the metropolitan area and the rest of the Voivodship. Cluster accomplishes this mission by establishing and developing cooperation between sector of computer science enterprises, telecommunication, telecommunication and electronic media R&D units, universities and business institutions and local authorities in the area of Warsaw and outside metropolitan areas. The competence areas of the Mazovia Cluster ICT are: space, telecommunication, IT, industrial automatics, power engineering, GIS, Business System Solutions, Creative Industry, Smart City, Smart Grid, eHealth, Decision Support System.

Nemzeti Kutatási, Fejlesztési és Innovációs Hivatal

Pursuant to the Act LXXVI of 2014 on scientific research, development and innovation (RDI Act) adopted by the National Assembly, the National Research, Development and Innovation Office (NRDI Office) aims to create a stable institutional framework for the Government coordination and predictable funding of research, development and innovation (RDI) in Hungary, ensuring the efficient and transparent and value-creating use of available resources.

The mission of the NRDI Office is to establish a coordinated, predictable and sustainable system for research funding in which, through supporting excellent scientific research and promoting innovation, Hungary can ensure its RDI resources to be utilised not only in a legitimate but also an expedient manner, to increase Hungary's global competitiveness and foster its most fruitful integration in the European Research Area (ERA).

The NRDI Office aims to reinforce the national innovation system, to foster a dynamic cooperation between scientific centres and enterprises, to create an inspiring environment for innovation.

The Office develops our nation's strategy for scientific research, development and innovation as a policy-maker, manages the National Research, Development and Innovation Fund as a funding agency and represents the Government of Hungary as well as the Hungarian researcher community in international and European RDI organisations.

Pont Group


PONT Group works in the field of social innovation through participation, entrepreneurship and culture, with a special focus on youth and the use od digital technologies. Being established in 2009, it is headquartered in Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania, Romania, it currently works with 10 permanent staff and 15-25 experts. They coordinated the successful bid of Cluj-Napoca for the European Youth Capital title of 2015 and they initiated the Creative Cluj (Kreatív Kolozsvár) entrepreneurship programme.

RV17 Rákosmenti Vállalkozásfejlesztési Iroda


With the establishment of the RV17 Rákosmente Enterprise Development Agency and it’s locally available services, the Local Government of Rákosmente wants to help enterprises already in operation, start-ups, or entrepreneurs from the stage of idea to the realization. The community office is operating in a convenient environment, equipped with modern infrastructure, provides the conditions that meet today's expectations. The RV17 is a place wich provides coworking and room rental services, access to useful information, and also a contact point for entrepreneurs. Uniquely we help entrepreneurs with comprehensive advices (tax, legal, financial, economic, marketing).

Semmelweis Egyetem – Innovációs Igazgatóság


Semmelweis University is a leading institution of higher education in Hungary and the Central European region within the area of medicine, health sciences. The University is a truly international community, programmes are offered in three languages (Hungarian, English, German), and foreign students account for nearly third of the around 11,000 students studying at the University’s six faculties. The Innovation Directorate manages the intellectual property of the University.

Újbuda Önkormányzata – NewGenerationSkills projekt


A határokon átívelő NewGenerationSkills (NGS) projekt Újbuda Önkormányzatának szervezésében valósul meg, és célja, hogy a fiatalok számára teret és lehetőséget biztosítson saját útjaik megtalálására.

Kiemelt cél a vállalkozói kultúra és az innovációs menedzsment fejlesztése. Azaz, hogy olyan, szerteágazó lehetőségekkel teli környezetet teremtsen a már aktív és leendő fiatal vállalkozók, munkavállalók számára, amelyben megszerezhetik a szükséges ismereteket. Továbbá ki tudják dolgozni ötleteiket, innovatív elképzeléseiket, ezt követően pedig megtalálják és megállják a piacon a helyüket. Az NGS megteremti a lehetőségét annak, hogy a (frissen végzett) korosztály bővítse a látókörét, valamint szert tegyen azon képességekre, amelyek javítják az esélyeiket a munka világának bármely területén.