Startup Night Budapest 2018

Startup Night 2018


Patrons of the event:

István Tarlós Mayor of the City of Budapest and Mihály Varga Minister of Finance and Deputy Prime Minister


Date: 27 November 2018

Venue: Bálna Budapest Centre, 1093 Budapest, Fővám sq 11-13, 2nd floor



 18.00 – 18.45        Opening speeches

  • Mihály Varga,Minister of Finance and Deputy Prime Minister
  • Gábor Bagdy,Deputy Mayor of Budapest
  • László György, State Secretary for Economic Planning and Regulation of the Ministry for Innovation and Technology
  • Zoltán Birkner, President of the National Research, Development and Innovation Office
  • Piroska Szalai,Chair of the Board of Budapest Enterprise Agency

Award Ceremony of the 8th BE SMART startup competition 

18.45 – 19.15         From idea to enterprise

Best practises of Budapest: How the institutions of higher education and the biggest enterprises of the economy of the capital contribute to the success of startups and innovative SMEs? (panel discussion)

  • Balázs Heidrich, Rector of the Budapest Business School
  • Károly Szász, Chancellor of Semmelweis University
  • Péter Rehus, Country Leader at IBM Hungary
  • Kornélia Lazányi, Dean of Keleti Faculty of Business and Management of the Óbuda University
  • György Dede, Manager of Start it@K&H Startup Incubator

The discussion is moderated by Csaba Szajlai, Deputy Editor-in-chief of Figyelő Magazine.I

19.15 – 19.45        How to enter foreign markets?

The role and the possibilities of the international relationships of Budapest in the development of the innovative enterprises and related startup success stories.

  • Jules Banning, Head of Events and Education at STARTPLATZ organizing Rheinland Pitch
  • Bertalan Bari, member of the Board of the IHBA – Irish-Hungarian Business Association
  • Robert Sanders, Head of International Projects at EBN
  • László Györgypál, Pozi Technologies
  • Tibor Dobai, Route4U

The discussion is moderated by Titanilla Tari, presenter of MTVA.

19.45 – 20.15         This is the place for us!

Introducing our top exhibiting partners

  • Klára Breuer, Ambassador at the Embassy of Hungary in Lisbon (video message)
  • María Benjumea, Founder and CEO of Spain Startup organising South Summit, Madrid (video message)
  • Gene Gerrienne, Business Development Manager (DACH) at Early Metrics
  • Zoltán Zékány, Director of H13 Student and Enterprise Development Centre
  • Mariann Klein, Director of Rákosmente Enterprise Development Agency
  • Gábor Kerékgyártó, Business Development Councilor, Municipal Representative, Újbuda Spin-Off Club

The presentations are moderated by Éva Naszály, the head of international relations of the BEA.

20.15 – 22:00         B2B Networking


18:00 – 22:00         Exhibition

Startups, incubators and startup programmes in Budapest and Hungary


The organizers reserve the right to make changes to the event program!