Startupok Éjszakája 2019 November 28.

Why should you attend?

Startup Budapest

Focus on the startup ecosystem in Budapest – Exciting startups from Budapest and the programmes supporting them.

International Markets

Előadások és kerekasztalbeszélgetés arról, hogyan lesz egy ötletből vállalkozás és hogyan segítheti egy metropolisz az innovatív vállalkozások nemzetközi piacra lépését.

Networking Arena

Meet startups from the capital of Hungary and the organisations promoting them. Learn about development programmes.


Budapest Enterprise Agency
Without successful startups Budapest can’be be a successful city

Budapest Enterprise Agency is the only organization founded by the Budapest City Council in 1993 for the development and promotion of the micro, small and medium enterprises of the Hungarian capital. Our mission is to contribute to the development and expansion of viable, new and existing entrepreneurs based on the market needs, thus we play an important role in the creation and preservation of workplaces in Budapest and the facilitation of the economic growth of the Capital.

  • We organise events such as conferences, workshops, lectures, networking opportunities and share best practices and success stories. We provide entrepreneurial consulting and we also have a mentoring programme.

  • The winners have the opportunities to present themselves on the most important innovation events taking place in the twin cities of Budapest.

  • We promote the startup ecosystem of Budapest on local, national and international levels.

  • We assist entrepreneurs in networking and building a business community.

Budapest and Startups